Cáp đồng trục ALANTEK RG6 | 301-RG0600-SSBK-1223

Thương hiệu : ALANTEK USA

Liên hệ: 0974.002.002

Cáp đồng trục ALANTEK RG6 (305m/cuộn) dùng cho hệ thống an ninh Camera giám sát.

Alantek RG-6 Standard Shield Coaxial, Black (P/N: 301-RG0600-SSBK-12230

- 18 AWG, 0.040in. (1.02mm) Copper or Copper Covered Steel Center Conductor

- Gas Expanded Polyethylene Dielectric

- Inner Shield Aluminum-Polypropylene-Aluminum laminated tape with overlap bonded to dielectric

- Outer Shield 34 AWG Aluminum or Tinned Copper wire braid shield

- Outer Jacket of Polyvinylchloride or Polyethylene (flooded)

- Nominal O.D. 0.272in. (6.91mm)