Bộ điều chế tín hiệu RF Winersat WSM-360SL

Thương hiệu : WINERSAT

Liên hệ: 0974.002.002

Bộ điều chế tín hiệu RF Winersat WSM-360SL MODULATOR VHF, Đơn kênh Bộ điều chế là thiết bị chuyển đổi tín hiệu Video/Audio sang tín hiệu RF

- Front Panel Control, Easy To Operate

- High Output Level, Low Spurious

- Adjacent Channel Capability

- PLL Synthesized Channel Control

- With SAW Filter for Accurate Side Band Response and High Adjacent Rejection

- Spurious Harmonics 60dB down

- Low Out-Of Band Noise for Multiple Modulator Installation

- Video Modulation And Audio Deviation Level Adjustable

- Overmodulation Indicator

- Sound Carrier Level Adjustable

- Field Defeatable Audio Pre-emphasis for BTSC Stereo / Mono Baseband Inputs

- High VSB Attenuation

- Meets F.C.C Offset and Accuracy Requirement

- Built-in Power Supply for Easy Installation

- 19" EIA Rack Mountable